Found Family Book Funnel Promotion – 40+ authors with amazing deals for you!

I’m delighted to be taking part in the Family & Found Family Book Funnel promotion with over 40 other MM authors.

This is a promotion focusing on those stories that have the overriding theme of family or finding a new family, whether that’s the traditional marriage and kids or, as it is in my District Line series, finding their true family unit with each other.

The District Line has a strong family/found family throughout the four books in the serial. From Seb having to come to terms with the abandonment of his mother at such a young age and leaving him with a controlling father, to finally getting out from the restraints of his birthright to find true love with Jay, and all with the support of his rocking band mates.

And let’s not forget Jay. The support from his true east-end family and close friends when dealing with coming out as the first openly gay premiership footballer and falling in love with a rising rock star are paramount to him remaining true to himself and where he came from. Both Jay and Seb in the District Line deal with family loss, family gains and forming true friendships throughout.

Not to mention, they get their own HEA and little family in the end….

Extra Time Cover

So to celebrate the themes of family and found family, I’ve put the first three books in a boxset and it’s on sale for the bargain price of 99p/c for the duration of this promotion!

Now that’s what we call a deal…

Follow the link for this price and to see all other books in the promotion:

As a British based author myself, I’m always drawn to the British books and, if you are too, then there’s a few on this promotion. I’d recommend you picking up:

Clare London’s, With a Kick #1 – A Twist and Two Balls is a great, fun short novella where a z-list actor meets a taxi driver after not having enough money to pay for his cab fare. Adorable and lots of British humour, it’s a great one to leave you with a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Garrett Leigh is a master of British grit and her Skins boxset is one in this promotion not to be missed! Throw yourself into the unforgettable angst, gritty and raw emotion of Leigh’s writing. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m an absolute sucker for a broken soul, especially one that’s fixed with a found family theme, and Colette Davison’s Heaven and Hell Club series packs this punch. Big time. Broken is an emotionally charged read, you have been warned. It’s also available in audio narrated by the awesomely talented Piers Ryman (not biased, even if he also narrates my District Line series). Get tissues.

There are over 40 authors included in this promotion, with this just my very short selection. So I urge to go check them all out and grab yourself a bargain, and maybe you’ll find a new family of authors to fall in love with.

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