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Flying into love series

Someone is always flying somewhere but the passengers travelling from Heathrow Airport get more than they bargained for in this set of steamy, standalone novels.

Meet the passengers who all, eventually, fly into their happy ever after.

French Kiss (Flying into Love #1)

Can a French kiss persuade an uptight Englishman to leave his city behind and start a new life in rural France?

Clean-cut London businessman Dale Calverley doesn’t do relationships.

Rugged French handyman Valentin Aubrey doesn’t do city men.

When Dale hires Valentin to help him fix up his inherited farmhouse estate in rural France and sell to the highest bidder, sparks fly.

Complete opposites, can they really expect their insta-lust to last beyond the storm that forces them together?
But how can Dale walk away from a man so alluringly rogue as Valentin Aubrey?

And how can Valentin expect a man so money-orientated to throw away his career and stay in the wilderness with him?

French Kiss (Flying into Love #1) is a Contemporary, Opposites Attract, Age-Gap, Forced Proximity MM Romance featuring an uptight English businessman with a preference for nameless hook ups and a rugged half-French handyman with a chequered past.

Spanish siesta (Flying into Love #2)

Can a Spanish siesta make Matt see his best friend the way Kieran’s been wishing he would for years?

Matt Robinson just got dumped. Again. With his sister’s wedding on the horizon, he needs a plus one.

Kieran Barker has been in love with his straight best friend for far too long. It’ll never happen. Having already been left behind when Matt went to university, Kieran can’t take more heartbreak.  

So when Matt invites Kieran to spend a whole week with him on the island of Majorca, Kieran can’t let himself think there’s more to it than lads on tour. All he can do is play the field to take his mind off the hot, rugby honed body of his oldest mate. Sexy men are in abundance in Magaluf, right? Matt only wants to cop off with the bridesmaid anyway.

But when Matt’s overprotectiveness about Kieran’s late-night escapades borders on jealousy, can he even dare to think that there’s more to their years of flirtations than simple bromance?

And can Matt really acknowledge his feelings when they’ll soon be returning to England, with him back to the university rugby team and two hundred miles away from Kieran.

Spanish Siesta (Flying into Love #2) is a Contemporary, Friends to Lovers, Bisexual Awakening, Forced Proximity MM Romance featuring a hot-headed rugby Fly-Half struggling with his emotions and an out-and-proud wannabe dancer suffering from unrequited love. 

Irish Charm (Flying into love #3)

Can a wee bit of Irish charm save an injured soldier from his wrenching heartache?

Injured ex-soldier, Kane Taylor, has lost everything—the job he loves, the use of his trigger hand, and the love of his life. Moving to remote Donegal in Ireland to make those lost links with his deceased partner’s ancestors is the only thing keeping the memories alive.

Publican Declan McCafferty has everything—a job he loves, a community he adores and a revolving door of lovers. But when he sets eyes on the new sexy, brooding regular customer at his pub staring solemnly into his Guinness night after night, Declan realises he needs one more thing—him.

Kane isn’t ready to give himself to another man, but the charismatic and charming publican is hard to resist. Can a fling be such a bad thing?

It is when Declan discovers Kane is the only man in his life he’s not willing to let go.

Irish Charm (Flying into Love #3) is a contemporary hurt/comfort, opposites attract MM romance featuring an ex-military alpha male recovering from heartache and a cheeky Irish publican allergic to commitment.



Aussie sun(Flying into love #4)

Can a splash of Aussie sun sway a retired MP to vote one last time…for love?

Retired English MP Jeffrey Gandy has had enough. Of people. Of politics. Of pursuing love. After a lifetime in the public eye, he’s on extended leave in Australia to renew his bond with his long-lost daughter.

Aussie swimming coach Hunter Ford has a race to win. This time he’s out of the pool, and fighting the developers determined to make him and his rescue animals homeless. Without the money to afford a lawyer, he’s no choice but to bury his head in the golden sand of his idyllic bay.

When Jeffrey forms an unlikely friendship with his daughter’s swimming coach, the twenty-eight year age gap should be enough of a deterrent for him not to get involved, no matter how gorgeous the athlete with a heart of gold is.

Both Jeffrey and Hunter have been burned before, so trust doesn’t come as easy as their mutual attraction. But Jeffrey is meant to be in Australia for his daughter, not to chase young men as he’s reminded time again by his ex-wife.

Can Hunter make Jeffrey realise he’s allowed to fall in love too? And can he do it before Hunter’s persuaded away by someone else…someone who doesn’t have his best interests at heart?

Aussie Sun (Flying into Love #4) is a contemporary, low angst, slow-burn, Age-Gap, MM romance featuring a disgraced English MP hiding from his mistakes and a happy-go-lucky Aussie animal-lover with a desperate need to please.

Jersey Royal (Flying into love #5)

Can a humble farmer bag himself a true Jersey royal to save his farm…and steal his heart?

Distant royal, Nicholas Osbourne, has one last chance to prove his worth to his wealthy family. A string of bad press over even worse relationships has him agreeing to star in a reality television series getting down and dirty with the ordinary folk. He can live a lie for a week. He’s been doing it for years.

Jersey potato farmer, Alex Hamon, has no time nor patience to babysit a pretentious television crew, nor a work-shy, bratty rich-kid. But the hefty fee and potential promotional opportunities for his farm are too tempting to turn down. He just needs to keep his head in the soil, and not on how his under-the-radar gaydar is blinking overtime for the rogue royal.

Nicholas is out of his depth. Distracted by the stunningly sexy farmer’s son, he’s unable to bury his attraction the way he has been back in London. But he’s on camera. Twenty-four-seven. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. His only saving grace is that the farmer’s son is straight…isn’t he?

Jersey Royal (Flying into Love #5) is an opposites attract, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, rich v poor, first time contemporary MM romance featuring an appearances-is-everything royal with a secret and a temperamental potato farmer with a track record for burying things

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