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Bonus Content

Here's a bunch of free reads from bonus chapters to standalone books and audio!

Street smart

Short standalone novella

Damon's broke, homeless, and down on his luck with a searing infliction having cut short his art career. Chucked out of his sister's place, he needs another sofa to surf but no-one's offering so he resigns himself to a night sleeping rough. Until he finds himself in serious pain on the street and is rescued by a police community support officer whose fiery-red hair and beautifully freckled skin hits all of Damon's buttons. Can one night off the street change his life forever? Street Smart is a FREE Opposites Attract, Hurt/Comfort, Insta-love, Forbidden MM Contemporary Romance novella featuring an eastend street artist with a painful past and a Irish PCSO desperate to lose his virginity.

Spanish siesta Deleted chapter

Bonus Chapter

Find out what happened when Matt brought Kieran home to his rugby housemates and came out the closet!

Jackson & Fletcher

A valentine's day bonus chapter

Jackson and Fletcher are five year's into their relationship. No one thought it would last beyond the pages of Jackson's book. Now it's Valentine's Day and Jackson has finally been able to make his promise of taking Fletcher to his favourite restaurant, Wilde's, happen. He's got a little more up his sleeve too. If only he can get the words out...

Summer Transfer

The District Line #2.5

Premiership footballer Jay Ruttman came out to the nation. The press have been camped outside his Limehouse apartment since. So at the end of the season, he and his up and coming rock star boyfriend, Seb, escape the media for a well earned holiday in a private villa. But when the weather turns and they're stuck inside after agreeing no TV, no internet, no music and no football for the duration of their stay, who will crack under the pressure of lockdown first?

Ball Skills

The District Line #4.6

International rock icon, Sebastian Saunders, gave up touring and the live music scene to care for his and premiership footballer husband's prematurely born daughter. But five years have passed and Jay's nearing retirement, enabling Seb to consider bringing his band's hiatus to an end. First, though, they need to decide what to do with Beatrice. It seems Jay has an idea...

Jingle ball rockdown

The District Line #4.6

Premiership footballer, Jay Ruttman, and his international rock star husband, Seb, have been in each other's pockets all year thanks to the pandemic lockdown. But with Christmas looming and their daughter wanting her chance on the stage, they craft a plan to bring a little joy to the festive season.

leap of faith: encore

Bonus content

Find out what happens next to Darius, Charlie and the cast of Godeaux's Travelling Circus with a first look at Encore! A bonus chapter in the Leap of Faith world.

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