Festive Fever Pitch (A District Line Christmas Novella)

That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is another book to be released in the world of Jay and Seb!

Festive Fever Pitch is a charity Christmas bonus novella set in the world the District Line football/rocker series in both eBook and Audio format with the ever wonderful Piers Ryman returning to narrate, and will be released direct to emails on 1st December 2024.

This book has been written and produced to raise money for my London Marathon Fund (yep, I’ll be running 26.2 miles across London – GAH) where ALL proceeds are going to First Step, a charity supporting families who have a child with SEN and/or disabilities and who were integral to me when my own child was born with a rare disability.

To get your hands on it, all I ask is for donations to be made via my marathon fund, anything you can afford, and all details of how, when and where can be found by completing this form:


At a staggering 37k words, this is more than a bonus but rather a new edition into the District Line series with a potential to continue. What’s the book all about? Well, I’ll tell ya:

Festive Fever Pitch (A District Line Christmas Special)

The Ruttman’s usual Christmas surrounded by friends and family is turned upside down when Jay brings home a troubled teen from his U16 Academy squad. Opening their door to welcome talented footballer and looked-after-child Devon into their life might have been the charitable thing to do for Christmas Day, but it also might open a massive can of worms.

Devon has more in common with both Jay and Seb than even they could have accounted for, and understanding first-hand the barriers he faces to achieve his dreams, how will they be able to send him back to the children’s home come boxing day? Especially when daughter Bea asked Santa for a big brother.

Devon seems to shine a light on all the unresolved issues Jay and Seb have been avoiding confronting about their relationship all these years, making it harder to not to see him as the missing player in the Ruttman band.

Besides, a guitar-playing footballer shouldn’t just be for Christmas, right?

If you know NOTHING about Jay and Seb and the “penguin talk” quote has sailed over your head with its significance, then you can get up to speed with this “Intense and emotional” “epic love story” spanning four full books plus several bonus chapters in time for this Christmas special. Check out the official book trailer for the District Line here:

Watch the official trailer on YouTube

Grab the original trilogy boxset in KU or Audio here 👉 https://mybook.to/TheDistrictLineBoxSet

Thank you so much for supporting me, my books, The District Line and, of course, my marathon efforts to raise as much as possible for disabled children.

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