Leap of Faith: Encore!

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Sitting on the middle of the three metal steps leading up to Darius’s—no, their—luxury motorhome, Charlie dumped his training gear into the overfilled plastic washing up bowl perched unsteadily on his lap, one eye fixed on the entrance to the Big Top.

They were in there. Darius and Louis. Darius and his ex-performance partner. Darius and his ex-best friend. Darius and his ex-unrequited love interest of twenty years….

Want to read more of the first installment of the ongoing saga surrounding Godeaux’s Travelling Circus, featuring Darius, Charlie, Louis and the rest of the cast and crew? Then it’s available for a limited time only in a downloadable, straight-to-your-reading-device forming part of the Family & Found Family Multi-Author Bonus Content giveaway.

Not only will you receive the first chapter of Encore!, you’ll also get twelve other short bonus chapters from BA Tortuga, Beth Bolden, Charley Descoteaux, David C Dawson, Emy Calirel, Jacki James, JP Sayle, K. Evan Coles, RJ Scott, Susan Scott Shelley & Chantal Mer (co-authors), Talia Carmichael and Vicki Locey!

Head on over to bookbub, to claim your limited time FREE copy:

Encore! will continue in regular installments, which you’ll be able to read on my website in a private area. Make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter so you can get the password to unlock the bonus content!

And, as an added bonus, why not meet Darius and Charlie again in audio! Coming very soon…

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  1. Wondering when a hard copy will be available , love the audio but hard copy is boss .

  2. Please could you let us know if you plan on releasing Encore in paperback , god I hope so as I would love that and would surely buy it .
    I loved Leap of Faith and would love to read more of their story .

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