Kick Off with a Playlist!

I’ve had a few people ask me about the musical influences behind the District Line series. With MC Seb being a musician, singer/songwriter and overall awesome rock-God, I often get asked what the series anthum would be.

So I thought I’d address that question with this: Yes, it’s The District Line – Album!

It’s no secret that I was heavily influenced by Green Day music and more importantly, lead singer himself, Billie-Joe Armstrong, when I wrote these books originally on Wattpad. This quote itself seems to sum up Sebastian…

The rewrite of the District Line books as they are now, Kick Off, Break Through and Come Back, saw Seb and his band come into their own, but the music was still a huge influence for many of the scenes and in creating the characters. With Seb being a musician and singer/songwriter, I couldn’t not get immersed into what I would imagine he would write in his lyrics, and the music he would have in his head whilst going through the motions of falling in love with Jay, when I wrote the books.

So I created a playlist with the songs that helped shape and form this series. Each song is linked to a direct scene or feeling/mood within the three books, and I’d happily go through each song with you and which scene it would be for. But maybe it’s best to leave some things to your imagination. You can always ask in the comments if you like 🙂

Although I will say, the most important songs in each of these playlists are matched to the most important scenes to each book (in my eyes, anyway!). I’ll share these as maybe you can listen and recapture the scene in your head as how I imagined it were it to be a film…

From Kick Off – Give Me Novacaine… Remember when Seb turns up at Jay’s house in the first book, knowing he has to leave him but not quite finding the strength to. Jay brings him to bed, wraps him up and gives him a good night kiss. Listen to this, imagine that scene and I defy you not to shed a tear!

From Break Through – Brutal Love – This is the song I imagined when writing Seb performing at the Red Bull Stadium in New York. Turn it up loud, close your eyes, imagine your Jay! Tingles, right?

From Come Back – Chasing Cars – “Just lie with me.” Jay sniffled. “For a little bit at least.” His tousled hair fell into stinging eyes. Seb scraped it back and planted a soft kiss to Jay’s forehead. “Always.”

Just a little something to get you through the midweek slump!

Much love x

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