EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal and Excerpt!

I’m ridiculous excited to be showing off the new cover for my latest release… coming soon to Pride Publishing, Love & Tea Bags is the first book in the rom-com Pink Rock series.

This book is a bit of a change from the norm for me. Whereas I’ve been known to write gritty and angsty series, this one is my first foray into romantic comedy. And a real British seaside romp it is! The cover is almost too perfect for it.

Set in a small coastal town in the South East of England, the Pink Rock series centres around a little Tea Shoppe located beside a pebble beach and the customers and staff who come into contact with it. First up in Love & Tea Bags we have hitting his forties, Mark, a tea-obsessed Brit going through his mid-life crisis!

Drum roll for the cover and blurb… followed by an exclusive excerpt!

Fate can be written in a tea bag too.

Mark Johnson is hitting his forties and is stuck in a rut.

He’s had the same boring office job for ten years, with no motivation or inclination to change it. The same crumbling house for ten years, with no cash or know-how to fix it. And the same Facebook status for five years—it’s complicated. It isn’t. He’s single. He just doesn’t want to correct it. That would be admitting defeat.

The day a tea bag splats onto his face whilst he’s emptying the dregs of his morning cuppa at Macy’s Tea Shoppe is the one that makes him question each of his current life choices…the tea bag and that the shop is currently being run by one rather friendly, rather hunky, but rather young Australian named Bradley Summers.

Tea has never tasted so good.

“A stripper who appreciates Star Trek.” Mark cleared his throat. “That’s quite an unusual combination.”

“Not really. Actually use it a bit in my act.”

“Your act?” Mark coughed. “You have an act? Isn’t it just stand on stage and slowly peel your clothes off to I’m Sexy and I Know It?”

“Right, so you can’t be that old. You know LMFAO.”

“Of course.” Mark agreed. “That I do. Down with the kids. Exactly. Good band.” Please don’t ask, please don’t ask, please don’t ask.

Bradley raised that one darn eyebrow. Maybe the other one is just lazy?

“What does it stand for?”

He bloody asked.

Mark glazed over, swishing the contents in his pint glass. “Well, if it were an abbreviation for people my age, it’s got to be Let Me Find An Orderly.

Bradley laughed, his pectoral muscles wobbling through his painted-on top. Even the man’s chuckles sounded Australian. He made such a racket that the rest of the bar seemed to stop to glance over at them.

“All right, all right.” Mark tutted.

“Sorry, mate. I was just, you know, laughing my fucking arse off.”

“Glad I can be of amusement to you. It is my life’s work to be of joy to others.”

“No.” Bradley smiled. “LMFAO. Laughing. My. Fucking. Arse. Off.” He shrugged. “That’s what it means.”

“I see,” Mark lied. He didn’t see. “Clever.”

“So how old are you then?”

“Too old.”

“For what exactly.”

“To hear about how you dress as a Star Fleet captain then rip it all off.”

“Actually.” Bradley’s eyes sparkled. “I come on dressed as a nerd. You know, anorak, hair slicked down, broken glasses, buck teeth, Thermos.”

“Sounds delightfully sexy,” Mark mocked.

“Wait for it.” Bradley waggled a finger. “Told you, the ladies like a tease. So I do these clumsy things around the stage. Try to open my tea flask but it spills over my top, have to take it off, don’t I? Then I try to pick up something from the floor, trousers rip. Oops, they gotta go.”

“This sounds awfully like most of my days.” Mark shrugged. “Except people tend to tell me to keep the blasted things on.”

“I doubt that.” Bradley winked. “Anyway, I’m sure you’re catching the drift. My glasses snap, so they come off. I get thrown some water from the stage which sorts the hair. Then—”

“Please don’t say you soil yourself in order for the underwear to come off.” Mark grimaced, holding up a hand to stave off whatever was going to tumble out of Bradley’s mouth next.

“No.” Bradley cocked his head in contemplation. “Although, that might work better.”

“Better than what?”

“Setting them alight.”

Pre-Order Date: 4 June 2019
Release Date: 16 July 2019


Told you it was going to be fun 😉 Until next time xx

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