#Rainbowsnippets gets a little Love & Tea Bags

It’s the weekend again, so another snippet time! This week I’m going to give you a little taste of a Work in Progress of mine. Currently called Love & Tea Bags, this one is set in a rather quaint English seaside town and our MC is tea-loving Mark, hitting his forties and sinking slowly into a midlife crisis, who gets a new lease of life when he discovers his favourite tea shoppe (no typo, the Brits love to add an extra p and e to our shops now and then) is being looked after by one very hunky, not to mention quite young, Australian. 

This snippet is from chapter two, where Mark has just met the young Aussie, Bradley, in awkward circumstances and discovers Bradley is the nephew of his best friend and tea shoppe owner, Macy. In this snippet, Mark is back at his dreary office and receives a call from Macy explaining her departure from the shop and why Bradley is now serving tea on her behalf.

Mark discovers a little more than he bargained for…


Mark picked his mug back up and braced himself for further mouth torture. Seriously, how can one make tea so terribly?

“He’s also a stripper,” Macy replied, nonchalantly.

And for the second time that day, Mark had chosen the wrong moment to take a gulp of tea and proceeded to both spit out and snort in the liquid abomination at the same time.

“He’s a what?” Mark wiped his hand across his nose and wondered how much tea it was actually possible to snort in a day. A cup? A pot? An urn? Which was probably not what he should have been concerned with just then, considering his paperwork was now tainted with a lovely shade of Skimmed Alive.  


Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation. You can read all the other great snippets from fantastic authors here.

#Rainbowsnippets gets a little Love & Tea Bags

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